WordPress Conversions & Seo

Wordpress Conversions and SEO

WordPress Conversions and SEO

We mentioned earlier that getting found on the search engines is only half the battle. Yet it is a very important battle. Organic search (not paid) make up in general over 90% of Click-Through-Rates (CTR), and of those, over 60% click on the top 3 results! While there is still a 30+% chance you may have your website clicked on if you are not in the top 3, why take the chance? At Venice Website Design we will use all available on-site and ‘white-hat’ (Google and Bing accepted) practices to enhance your websites placement on searches. You only have one shot at that customer who is searching for your product or service. Our goal is to optimize your website for top 3 placement, and let the design and content of your site take it from there!

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