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Web Design, Internet Marketing, WordPress Conversions & SEOWeb Design, Internet Marketing, WordPress Conversions & SEO for Venice, Sarasota, Tampa, Bradenton FL
At Innovative Ideaz Web Design & SEO we strive to create a unique and effective website that will provide you and/or your business the competitive edge to stand out against your competition! Creating a website is not just as simple as putting together a few images and basic text content. There are quite a few factors which we feel are very important nowadays to stay on the bleeding edge of technology yet remain affordable. The following features we implement on all our websites to stay on the bleeding edge of technology.

Web Server with PHP optimized configuration. Our web hosting solution is guaranteed to offer the best and fastest features fine tuned for WordPress websites, which is now the golden standard in web design! This configuration handles HTML websites with super fast speeds, as well! Google PageSpeed is very important to site placement and SEO. 24/7 fully managed hosting support makes certain there is no down time on any of our websites. We have an entire team of guru Linux admins ready at all times at our hosting center in Houston TX. Every possible security feature is used and enabled on each and every one of our websites, including a full featured firewall! NEW: We are proud to announce that we now use Varnish complete website accelerator! This is the same technology used on many large and popular websites such as,, and many more.
WordPress is now the golden standard for website design and CMS (Content Management Systems). We can build and design any form of website that our customers desire, but our recommended platform is WordPress. There are other similar website content management systems but WordPress is by far the most user friendly and has the most features. There is nothing that can’t be done with WordPress..
Social Media is a big part of any good marketing campaign nowadays. Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest are a few of the larger social networking sites. The more “social signals” a page/site has, the better! In other words, the more + and likes the better your website will do with regards to SEO; search engine optimization.
Professional and copyrighted content. It is absolutely mandatory that the content on your website be unique, engaging, non-repetitive and copyrighted. All this is done by default on each and every one of our websites. With professional content and the correct percent of keywords to text ratio your new website will be able to hit the first page of Google’s index with ease.


SEO, Web Design, Internet Marketing & WordPress Conversions

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services are designed to improve your website ranking and increase visits. It is important to perform search engine optimization (SEO) on your website so that it will perform well with the major search engines.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization consists of the following activities:

  • Assess current situation to understand rankings of targeted keyword phrases in the major search engines; review placement of keyword phrases throughout website.
  • Research & identify optimal keyword phrases to target based on current search engine stats such as the number of people looking up a particular keyword phrase in a 24 hour period. Also review the number of websites targeting a particular keyword phrase.
  • Develop & incorporate keyword phrases into website based on analysis of search engine data.
  • Manually submit website to major search engines & directories.
  • Monitor ongoing performance through analysis of website statistics; modify strategies.

We specialize in offering scale-able SEO solutions to small and medium sized companies in the areas of Venice FL (Sarasota County).

National and International SEO solutions are offered to increase visibility and traffic for companies that need a broader reach.

We partnered with one of the best, cutting-edge, SEO firms to give you the tools you need to succeed. When you work with us, you can take advantage of the same technologies and research that are used by larger companies and corporations without having pay big bucks for it.

With our firm, you will:
1. Increase in visibility
2. Rise in Organic Rankings
3. Receive Detailed Monthly Reports.
4. Get Professional and Consistent Feedback
5. Excellent Customer Service – we have been in your shoes.


1.) Established in 2012.

2.) Innovative Ideaz Web Design & SEO is a web design, internet marketing and search engine optimization firm headquartered in the Venice (Sarasota County), FL area.

3.) We bring the same technology, research, and knowledge to small and medium sized companies as enterprise companies utilize, but with innovation!

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing, Web Design, WordPress Conversions & SEOInternet Marketing
Effective Internet marketing relies on a comprehensive multi-faceted campaign. There is no one online marketing service or strategy that leads to success. Internet Marketing at Innovative Ideaz Website Design & SEO employs specialists in multiple website marketing services to make sure our clients have the best chance to reach and even exceed their goals. The world of online marketing is constantly in motion and your choice of an Internet advertising company is an important one. Trust the experts and your SEO consultant at our Internet marketing firm to follow every development and to provide you with the most up-to-the-minute advice and strategy!

WordPress Conversions

WordPress Conversions, Web Design, Internet Marketing, & SEOWordPress Conversions
There are a few common scenarios that we hear from website owners and small businesses: 1.) They want to be able to control and update their website without a webmaster. 2.) They want better SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 3.) They want to expand to a website that has new and robust modern features. WordPress is a great solution to all these concerns!

We can convert your existing website to a robust powerful WordPress site and give you all the functionality that you are looking for and keep your site looking very similar to how it looks now. Our basic WordPress Conversion package includes: Transferring pictures, video and content to your new WordPress website and setting everything up as similar as possible to the original website. We recommend using our super fast and affordable web hosting solution. It is fine tuned for WordPress (PHP) websites and Google PageSpeed.

Web 2.0 Website Hosting

Web 2.0, Website Hosting, E-Commerce & Cyber Security

fully managed web 2.0 website hosting solutionFully Managed Web 2.0 Hosting
24/7 Around the clock support!
web 2.0 website hosting solutionWordPress Web 2.0 Hosting
Exclusively tuned for WordPress Websites!
web 2.0 website hosting solutionsLow Monthly Cost
Best performance vs. cost solution available!

We are your premier Web 2.0 hosting solution! Web 2.0 is our specialty, encrypting your website is now mandatory. Soon the current version of the internet, web 1.1, will become obsolete and you will be forced to comply with Web 2.0’s standards. As we get closer to the official mainstream launch of Web 2.0, currently the date is not public, Google will be penalizing websites for not being Web 2.0 compliant rather than giving credit for being compliant, as they are now… Get your Web 2.0 services done the right way with us! We have been researching and testing our solutions for many years now.