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Search Engine Optimization in Venice FL SEO

Search Engine Optimization in Venice, Sarasota County, FL SEO

Search Engine Optimization in Venice, Sarasota County, FL SEO

Search Engine optimization or SEO is a process when a website developer optimizes the website for search engines so that they will have a high rank and thus better visibility. Search engines use many types of web crawlers to look at the developer’s website for indexing it in their search engine database. This form of optimization is considered “natural” or “unpaid”.

There are many aspects in website design that can improve a websites rank and visibility. Give your page a correct name and description that defines exactly what your website is about so the crawler indexes it correctly. Make sure the keyword phrases are what you would type as if you were searching for your website. Some other factors are links to other sites, social networking, and minimal flash.

Tricks to get higher page ranks can get you banned. If the crawler sees too much repetition it will consider it spam. Some other examples are invisible text, unrelated information, and linking to spam. All of these things will actually lower your page ranking.

The main goal to keep in mind when designing a website is well organized good design. If a page is easy to use for the user, the links are working, and the information is organized then you will have better search engine optimization.

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